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Welcome to Lakeside Counselling!

We all face situations in life that leave us feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, grief-stricken, confused, and sad. During these events, our mental health greatly suffers, which is why it is critical to seek help and take steps to avoid the ripple effect that may occur otherwise. I am here to support you with compassion and care at every step of your healing process. I welcome people from all walks of life into a safe space where they work through their struggles at their own pace and engage in a collaborative treatment plan. I am here to help you journey through mental health challenges into a healthier and more fulfilling future.


I provide mental health support and services to adults, couples, and children 10 and above. My services are offered in person at my office, on the phone, and online. If you prefer, we can also have a walk-and-talk session while enjoying the surrounding scenery.


"Self-care is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation"                                                                - Audre Lorde

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Benefits of Counselling
​There are many benefits of therapy, and a few are listed below:
  • Counselling promotes psychological resiliency, which is the ability to face, cope and recover from mental and emotional crises and return to the pre-crisis stage quickly.
  • Counselling helps explore thoughts, feelings, and worries without judgment. 
  • Counselling facilitates self-reflection and self-awareness.
  • Counselling helps with changing unwanted and self-defeating behaviours/habits.
  •  Counselling alleviates anxiety, depression, or other mental health conditions. 
  • Counselling promotes communication and other interpersonal skills.
  • Counselling helps build better relationships.
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